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DTC Engagement

Engage directly with consumers like never before.

73% of consumers said that customer experience was an important factor for them when it came to making a purchasing decision. Cellr allows you to create a unique experience and engage with consumers through each bottle of wine.

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Brand Protection

Secure your product in the global market.

It is estimated that 20% of the world's wine is counterfeit, and growing at 7% per annum. We believe in developing solutions that enable producers to truly protect their wine in today's markets.

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Track & Trace

Follow your product through the supply chain.

Combining Cellr's digital packaging and Customer Engagement Platform we provide a clear line of sight over the global supply chain by tracking each product's journey in real-time.

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Connect to Trade

Educate and connect with the people selling your wine.

Make each bottle of wine it's own sales representative. The Cellr Customer Engagement Platform is the first of it's kind in the industry with a feature dedicated to streamlining relationships retailers and distributors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if our wine already has labels on it?

No problem, Cellr offers over sticker solutions for both NFC and QR Codes. These can be applied automatically via the majority of bottling lines in the same way a medal sticker is applied to a bottle (or by hand, up to you).

Can I change the content in each label?

Yes! You can update and customise your marketing content in real-time, in an instant.

Can I set different marketing campaigns for different product lines?

Absolutely! The Cellr platform allows you to create and upload marketing content at several levels. You can upload content to the entire range, an individual product line or a product's unique vintage.

How does Cellr track my wine?

Track and trace is activated on Cellr for every digital interaction with your wine. When an interaction takes place, whether it be in app or out of app, a pin is dropped on a global map to show you where and how the product has been engaged.

What is the difference between NFC and QR?

Mainly it’s how they look and what you can do with them. To activate you will scan a QR code with your phone's camera, and tap an NFC chip with your phone. There are some important differences between Cellr QR and NFC, which you can discover by checking out the Digital Packaging page.

Do I need an app to use Cellr?

Nope. The Cellr App is not required to enable most of the platform's features. Out of app scans will take consumers to a web based experience without the need of an app. However, the Cellr app is required to authenticate products and to run the Cellr competition engine.

What about our customers data privacy?

At Cellr we comply with the Global Data Protection Regulations. The Cellr system collects the location data of interactions with the NFC tag or QR Codes. No personal data is collected about the consumer though.

How do I know my data is safe?

As a customer of Cellr you own your data. Cellr does not share or sell any data sets, aggregated or otherwise.

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Customer Testimonails

Sometimes you see something and you know it is going to be a winner! This is how Mike and I felt when we were taken through the Cellr platform, in fact we were genuinely excited… While there are similar offerings, none have been built specifically for wine and none with a platform that makes using the technology so simple.

Nick Blair, Director Vision Wine Partners
Customer Testimonails

Cellr is not only a very progressive tech company, but it specialises in the Wine Industry and is an Australian owned company. That was very important to me because I had discussions with other highly credible companies that were trying to dabble in many industries – and that concerned me.

Scott Evers, Company Owner & Director Wine Provenance
Customer Testimonails

Cellr offered all wineries placing in James Halliday’s Top 100 wines for 2020 the opportunity to win a complete D2C Digital Wine Label package valued at $2,900.

James Halliday Top 100
Customer Testimonails

Cellr allows us to add a new element to our customer engagement strategies. We're always looking to be at the forefront of technology in the DTC space and Cellr’s tech provides a unique experience to our clients and their consumers.

Hydra Consulting
Customer Testimonails

We know how big a difference it makes when the actual wine producer is speaking directly to consumers or distributors. Cellr listened to what I needed and have helped me create a direct channel of communication through leveraging their platforms capabilities.

Jane Richards, Director Eight at the Gate Wines
Customer Testimonails

Chain of Ponds chose Cellr to provide an experience beyond the glass. People connect to visual communication, Cellr allowed us to share with our customers the Chain of Ponds story and introduce our wine maker- Greg Clack

Chain of Ponds

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